App For Kids!

App For Kids!

  • Add Friends
  • Chat with Friends
  • SayIt Reads Text Messages
  • MojiTalk Adds Sounds to Emojis
  • Play With iOKids Friends In Other Apps (coming soon)
  • Download iOKids App
    App for Parents

    App for Parents

  • Create iOKids Child Profiles
  • Manage iOKids Child Friends List
  • Two Sided Parent Friend Approval
  • Monitor Kids' Chat
  • Parent-to-Parent Chat
  • Download iOKids Parent App


    • Create iOKids Profiles

      Parents - Using the iOKids Parent app, you will verify your identity with a one time credit card transaction and then create secure iOKids accounts for each of your children.

    • iOKids Login

      Your child uses the secure iOKids login credentials you created for them in the iOKids Parent app to sign into the iOKids app and other apps and toys that use the iOKids single sign-on.

    • Approve Friends

      Kids will add friends from their iOKids app. Parents - you approve each friend request for your child from the iOKids Parent app. It takes both your approval, the friend's approval, and the friend's parent's approval to create the friendship.

    • Secure Chat

      iOKids allows kids to chat securely with their parent approved friends and Santa. Parents - you can chat with your kids and monitor their chat with their friends from iOKids Parent app.

    • Custom Parent Permission

      As a parent, you can set app permissions and access levels for each child separately. You may also mute and unmute friends for digital timeouts.

    • Control Multiple Apps & Games

      The iOKids Parent app allows you to approve apps, games, and smart toys that want to use your child's iOKids profile and friends list, giving you one place to control your child's online presence.


    Why do you charge me to verify my identity in iOKids Parent?

    The Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) requires us to verify you are an adult by using a credit card transaction. It is important for us to make sure you are an adult for the security of your child on Dynepic's Internet of Toys Platform.

    How does iOKids keep unwanted people from messaging my child?

    iOKids requires both your permission as the child's parent, their friend's, and then the friend's parent's approval before a child can create a friendship on iOKids. The friend requested parent is the last approval so if the child accepts a friends request you wouldn't allow, you can use this as a teachable moment with your child to discuss who you should connect with online.

    Why do you need my child's birthdate?

    We need to keep track of how old your child is so we know what privacy laws apply to them. We will also use this to provide fun Birthday content.

    How do I add another parent (or guardian) to manage my children?

    Right now you will have to use the same credentials to manage your child with iOKids Parent. We are working to add a feature to allow multiple guardians to login with their own iOKids Parent credentials. Feature is coming soon.

    As a parent, can I talk to a child's friend?

    No. For security reasons, as a parent you can only monitor your child and their friend's chat history. We are working to add parent-to-parent chat so you can chat with parent's of your child's friends.

    Can a child 13 and older connect with my child?

    Yes. Children who are over 13, can create an iOKids account without parent approval. They will need to have a valid email address to create their own "Over 13" account. If they friend request a child under 13, it will still require the friend's parent to approve the friendship to keep everyone safe online.