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Sneak Peek at New iOKids Feature - iOKids Groups!

February 17, 2017

Sneak Peek at New iOKids Feature - iOKids Groups!

There’s an app for that, and that, and that and oh just wait an app now for homework for my 5th grade son. I just received an email that my son’s 5th grade teacher is going to start using a homework app (think digital planner) that the students and parents can access assignments from anywhere.

While I am excited to move past my son’s paper planner it’s another app to add to my already mounting apps managing my boys’ activities from sports, scouts, extracurricular activities (chess club, Lego Robotics, etc.) and now homework. While I love using these apps and most of them to sync to our family calendar, it is very time consuming to manage each event in separate apps and it leaves the most important person out of the equation the child until now - iOKids Groups will solve this!

Here is a sneak peek of iOKids Group Feature that will allow parents and kids to manage all of their activities in one app while complying with COPPA to ensure that you child’s information is parent approved and protected.

Our group feature will allow parents, coaches, teachers, etc. to set up a group and invite kids and parents into the group to stay connected. Keeping everyone in-the-know of all the groups’ happenings from scheduled meetings, practices/games and even birthday parties! An adult sets up the group and is the moderator of the page. They will then be able to post/share pictures, videos, homework, forms in the main news feed. The events screen will provide the moderator the ability to post the schedule of all the groups’ events with a RSVP feature. The Chat tab will keep not only the kids but the parents connected. The moderator gets to setup up custom channels based on preferences - parents only, kids only, everyone. This is all in safe parent-approved environment where the parent can view what their kids under 13 are posting, even in the kids-only group.

With having three boys, the group feature will allow us to manage all of their activities and friends in one place! I can't wait. Stay tuned for the release date of iOKids Groups!

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