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iOKids Overview

Create iOKids Profiles

Parents use the iOKids App to verify your Identity with a one time credit card transaction or in-app purchase. After activating the parent dashboard, you can create secure iOKids accounts for each of your children.

iOKids Login

Your child uses the secure iOKids login credentials you created for them to login to the iOKids app and other apps that use the iOKids single sign-on.

Add Friends

Your kids can search and add friends from the iOKids app. You will be required to approve each friend request. It takes both your approval, the friend's approval, and then the friends parent's approval to create a friendship. 

Proximity Friending

If proximity friending is allowed for your child, they can friend other iOKids users in their physical presence using sound codes. These friendships are auto-approved since the child is already in physical proximity (sound range) with these users, however, parents can unfriend these users for their child as necessary.

Secure Messaging

iOKids allows kids to chat with their parent approved friends. Parents - you can chat with your kids and monitor the chat between your kids and their friends. See how to monitor chat here.

Parents can also chat with other parents, even parents of pending friend requests. This is important because it lets you chat with a parent and verify how a friend requestor knows your child before you let them be friends. See here for how to chat with other parents.

Create and Share Magic Messages

Kids can create and post Magic Messages. See video here. These Magic Messages are shown to your child's parent-approved friends for 24 hours. Kids can watch a Clip twice before they disappear. Parent have 30 days to review and monitor the Clip their child has shared. Parents - please talk to your kids about appropriate digital content for posting in Clips. Remember to not share personal information. Also, please review with them that messages can be screen captured, saved in a database, and you even have access to them for 30 days, so just because they are "disappearing," does NOT mean they are permanently gone. 

Brand Friends & Communities

Kids can become friends with a brand character or join a brand community (aka Kid's Club). Brand will be automatically approved for you, however, you can unfriend them for your child if you wish. Brands can only share Magic Messages to your child for viewing and cannot chat with your kids.

Apps and Toys - Coming Soon

The iOKids app allows you to approve the apps, games, and toys on the iOKids platform that want to use your kid's profile and/or friend list for interactive play. 


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